5 Vegan Leather Brands for Your Fungi

This #NextGen startup, Plug and Play has a Fashion for Good initiative cosponsored by the C&A Foundation.
They’re taking it all the way to India and back with Founder and CEO, Saeed Amidi. Focusing on organic, natural dyes, and innovative processes, these “fun guys” are making waves.
A TIDAL indeed. We’ve spoken out about the upcoming #RiverBlue movie as well as #DirtyWhiteGold aka the cotton  industry that reiterates what one of Plug and Play cofounders has said,

“Technology can find a better way to dye clothes or a better way to grow cotton or reuse end-of-life clothing,” says Amidi. “We think the same process of accelerating software startups can be applied to fashion.”

Michael Olmstead, Plug and Play’s vice president of corporate partnerships, adds that the accelerator’s goals is to take innovation in the apparel industry beyond e-commerce companies.

“Fashion is one of the most polluting industries and we’re looking to really accelerate the transition to a very circular industry,” he says.

We’re counting on Amidi to be more forward-thinking. Here’s to the natural dye industry! Polluting that indigo tide for years they have.
Find out about them from the TechCrunch article.
Meanwhile, we’ll be talking about THESE Fungi. They’ve got a few, and we’ve found another similar brand to add to their arsenal.

<p> Without further ado,

Vegan Leather Brands – Made from Fungi </p>


1. Muskin – Made from popular fungi of China, this big parasitic mushroom Phellinus ellipsoideus feeds off subtropical trees. The company Life Materials has gathered and made this fungi into a textile that is available.

2. Mycotex – Mycotex has a research facility, thus far has created fungi-inclusive textiles and made a shift dress from it. This dress is also viewable.

3. Mycoworks – This company currently has many solutions, none of which are on the market. But their site….

4. Myx – With hemp included in the development, Myx by Jonas Edvard has a complicated description available for release and more information on their website.

5.  Amadou – Also spoken of by Amidi. We couldn’t find the website. But we did some digging and found that the maker, Mako Csaba has many products available. Amadou is a spongy material derived from Fomes fomentarius fungi that grow on the bark of coniferous and angiosperm trees, and have the appearance of a horse’s hoof.



This cutting edge technology may be able to provide me with a solid base fabric for my yoga mat company. I am creating a unique digital printing company that functions as a one-stop-shop for yoga mats, labels, and canteens. IF you want Mushroom Leather, go here.

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